Advapay OÜ

Advapay OÜ is an IT & business consulting company that provides turnkey fintech solutions for regulated payment service providers.

Our goal is to help you in selection of the optimal IT infrastructure and software solution, business model, licensing options, in establishing relationship with banks, external providers of payment services, including card issuers, money transfer systems, etc.

Fintech consulting including licensing stage
  • Development of a business model and product line
  • Assistance in opening of a safeguarding account
  • Development of internal policies, risk operation policies
  • Development of a business plan and IT solution scheme
  • Implementation of a comprehensive automation system (back office, internet and mobile account management versions, AML monitoring etc.)
  • Building a hosting solution, deployment of servers (including PCI DSS-compliant)
  • Design and development of a company website
  • Development of gates with external systems
Support for business
Establishing relationships with partners as part of our program
  • Banks
  • Payment card issuers
  • Internet and mobile acquiring
  • Money transfer systems
  • Payment processing and clearing systems
Fintech market wrap-up, issue 2, crypto-companies
16 January 2020

Fintech market wrap-up 2. Goodbye, cryptocurrency? Hello, cryptocurrency!

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E-money Institutions (EMI) vs Payment Institutions (PI) – differences and the most common questions

There are two main types of financial institutions – Authorised Payment Institution (API) and Electronic Money Institution (EMI). Before you apply for a licence, you need to