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ADVAPAY Thales e-Security and Advapay became partners - Advapay

This follows a close cooperation with the official distributor of Thales in the RF and the CIS DNA Distribution Company

All products of the Thales Company have the standard guarantee of the company and technical support iz organized from the office of support service of Thales EMEA in Great Britain.

Thales e-Security пополнил партнерскую сеть Advapay
Thales e-Secutiry is a largest information security software developer with over 40 year experience in providing information security.

Thales products and services are used to provide and improve the security of applications, the work of which is connected with encryption and digital signatures.

Thales e-security Company products and solutions include support of cryptographic hardware devices of information protection which must be used in work of many companies.

Thales products help organizations to minimize risks, simplify operations and reach goals with maximum confidence thanks to providing security, quick synchronization and availability of data stored in virtual space and cloud services.

Moreover in the frame of the ASAP (Alliance for Solution and Application Providers) program Thales e-Security has an active policy supporting independent software developers that wish to install and implement Thales products in their work.

The developers can get all the necessary technical support, consultations, training, the required equipment, license for development and many other advantages.