Advapay OÜ – business integrator which together with the partnership net renders services in payment business development – complex turn key solutions and consulting. Advapay ОÜ is also an informational platform for the companies in the sphere of banking and payment services created for the purpose of experience exchange and the complex solutions promotion in a single space.

What is Advapay?

About AdvaPay
About the project

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We create a payment service business for you in an EU state and deliver it to you ready for use. It is an all-in-one package comprising:
Preliminary consultation, the selection of the most appropriate infrastructure, jurisdiction, type of licence, business model etc.;
Assistance with the authorisation process in Cyprus, the Czech Republic, the UK, Malta or another EU member state;
Development of required internal procedures and documents;
Local office set-up and staffing;
Implementation of a complete IT solution, including the accounting engine, mobile and internet banking systems, AML module and more;
Hosting and maintenance of the IT solution;
Establishment of business relationships with banks, third-party payment systems and payment service providers, including payment card issuers, money transfer systems etc.

Complex solutions and consulting

The Advapay Platform will allow you to develop existing business or to create a new one expanding the possibilities in the sphere of banking and payment services thanks to our complex solutions:
Business consulting and development of an organizational infrastructure
Support of business
Development of IT solutions
Establishment of relations with partners


On the Advapay pages we collected the fresh cases visually showing the solutions of various business problems: opening of a payment institution, expansion of the licence, selection of partners, automation of PI, etc.

Ideal partnership

Our team developed a partner resource which is focused on the partners searching and services promotion. The purpose of this section is a formation of mutually advantageous partners relations among the companies in the sphere of banking and payment services.

Actual library

Only the actual and helpful information gathered in one place. The section is devoted to the basic aspects and characteristics of the jurisdictions used for business dealing in the sphere of banking and payment services. This constantly growing financial and legal library includes the country-structured profiles on the pages of which you can familiarise with features of the legislative regulations, receipt of licence, etc.

Convenient platform for dialogue

Our forum was created for the purpose of raising topics and discussing the most interestin and actual themes in the sphere of banking and payment services. You can always put questions to our experts, set an important topic and familiarise with experience of other community participants.

Latest news

You will always be well informed about the most important and interesting events thanks to the News section. We regularly publish the latest information both in community and beyond it.


Members of our community can take part in the actions performed bу Advapay, join us!