Crypto-Exchange Platform based on the Estonian entity
Set up Estonian private limited company (OÜ) and acquire two licences regulating activities of the provider of crypto-currency exchange services.

Why Estonia?

Estonia ranks #21 globally in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index thanks to its business friendly policy-making and low levels of red tape, and #3 in terms of countries with small populations. More importantly, within this index it ranks as the seventh best global location for “trading across borders”.

Business environment is supported by a simple, unique and stable flat-rate tax system, which encourages long-term value creation. There is no tax on retained profits, no withholding tax on interest or dividends, and there are numerous double taxation treaties, facilitating efficient flows and long-term planning.

Estonia benefits from a modern business and technological infrastructure. It ranks among the most wired and technologically advanced countries in the world. It marries world class IT skills with innovation and is a home for cutting edge E-Government, cloud computing, financial technology and cyber security solutions.

With a high Internet penetration rate and widespread e-commerce and e-government services, Estonia has become a model for free Internet access as a development engine. For instance, registering a company has never been easier: in Estonia it can be executed online within 10 minutes!

Crypto regulation in Estonia

Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to adopt crypto regulation. We offer unique opportunity to start crypto-related business being fully compliant with EU AMLD, setting highest KYC/AML standards for you business. If you have running crypto-related business you can get added value for your business by acquiring Estonian crypto licenses.

According to the new AML legislation (adopted by the end of 2017) Estonia has defined the virtual currencies and provision of crypto-related exchange services. Provision of such services is regulated by the new AML law and supervised by two state authorities: Estonian FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) and Ministry of Economics.

The new AML law replaced vague licence of a provider of alternative means of payments by two separate licences such as:

Provider of a service of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
Provider of a virtual currency wallet service

Our services include:

Assistance with incorporation of Estonian LTD (OÜ) company
Obtaining of e-Resident status
Drafting of AML/KYC procedures
Acquiring of two licences supervised by FIU
Office Rental
Account opening at the partner-PSP*

* General timeframe for establishment of an Estonian Crypto-Exchange Platform is about 2-3 months.