A team of our experts offers comprehensive consulting services on development of payment business solutions and renders professional assistance in preparation of a concept, a business plan, operating procedures, selection of partners etc.


    Maxim Ivanchenko
    Maxim Ivanchenko

    CEO, Canopus IT Advapay Founder

    Andrey Borisenkov
    Andrey Borisenkov

    Chief Business Development Officer

    Dmitry Apochkin
    Dmitry Apochkin


    Vitaly Lobanov
    Vitaly Lobanov

    Operational Director and management analyst of Canopus IT

    Vitaly Judin
    Vitaly Judin

    Advapay Expert

    Alexander Adrianov
    Alexander Adrianov

    Head of Business Analysis at Canopus innovative technologies



    Acquisition of a license

    Choice of jurisdiction
    Business model development
    Assistance in company registration and obtaining the licenses
    Development of internal regulations, including the AML compliance manual etc.
    Business plan development
    Assistance in staff recruitment, office administration and maintenance

    License management

    License extension
    Change of the owner

    Building IT-solution

    Implementation of a comprehensive automation system (including back office, internet and mobile client management versions, AML monitoring etc.)
    Building a hosting solution, deployment of servers (including PCI DSS-compliant)
    Development of company website, including its design
    Development of gates with external systems

    Support for business

    Establishment of relations with partners within the framework of our program

    Payment card issuers
    Internet and mobile acquiring
    Money transfer systems
    Payment processing and clearing systems
    Offshore company registration agents

    Business process optimization

    Accounting services
    Technical support
    Consultancy support
    Company growth strategy development