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Together with the partners Advapay offers products not only for narrow circle of banking and payment professionals, but also for customers, who need package offers completely prepared for operation.

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Completely prepared business

offer price is

Completely prepared business on the basis of licensed company is for sale: Payment institution, Estonia

The company has the full money remittance license and right to conduct the following activities:
 Third parties money transfers;
 Mobile and Internet payments;

Initial offer price is 200,000 EUR

The offer includes:

licensed company;
hosting solution;
company web-site;
bank accounts;
existing regulations (AML, security, etc)
client base;
software (basic configuration);

The software for the company includes:

Customer money transfers management system via the Internet (Internet-banking) and mobile phones (mobile banking IOS and Android);
Management of all company business processes including accounting, reporting, AML, commission calculations, cooperation with banks (back office);

Additional Services (pursuant to prior arrangements and charges):

License extension to full payment accounts

Office in Tallinn
Staff in Tallinn

Opening of correspondent bank accounts

Co-branded cards issuance

Connection to SWIFT

Connection to the internet-aquiring systems of one of our partner banks

Software configuration and customization according to your requirements






After you became the client of Advapay, you can expand your partner network, raise the quality of your projects and attract the interested clients as well as become a participant of profile events held by Advapay

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