About us

We`re with you in every step on the way to your Fintech company

Maxim Ivanchenko
Founder & CEO
Gustav Korobov
Sales Director
Kristine Jakovleva
Marketing Director
Carolina Kalmann
Partnership lead
Natalia Suurtee-Pavlova
Head of Project Management

4 Reasons to choose Advapay

We help you start your business from scratch!

We provide you with an end to end solution, starting from consulting and licensing stage and to the full technical platform setup.

Right sized for small and midsize businesses

Whether you’re a small business with no on staff IT expertise and no big budgets or a growing midsize fintech company with IT team, we’ll find the right solution for your business needs

We give you the freedom
of choice!

SaaS or software choose the most efficient model for your business. Grow with us transit from one software model to another, add additional functionalities and adapt to changes easy!

We connect you to a ready to use IT infrastructure!

Building a global payment network may take years we connect you to this network in 2 months. You get everything you need for your fintech project banking engine and fully back to front

Want to talk
to an expert?

Book a meeting with Advapay team at Money 2020

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