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  • Core Banking Software with front-end and back-end
  • BaaS solutions from trusted payment services providers
  • Obtaining your own payment, e-money or MSB license
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Launch your digital bank
with our

Core Banking software

Become a payment, e-money or MSB company with

PI/EMI Licensing services

Develop your payment infrastructure with

BaaS solutions

Advapay is a Core Banking software vendor and fintech consulting company. Founded by banking practitioners and fintech entrepreneurs, we are unique in the way we operate.

There is no other company in the fintech industry that helps fintechs on all three levels: sophisticated software, business and payment infrastructure development, and legislative consultancy.

Such a holistic approach brings an added value to businesses that seek to launch a fintech company and save time and money.

Our verticals

Digital banks for SMEs

E-wallets for individuals

Crypto-fiat wallets

E-commerce solutions

Crowdfunding platforms

Micro-finance institutions

We help fintech companies to launch and grow their businesses

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We build fintech
companies from
the ground

We are fintech practitioners with
an extensive experience in developing and successfully managing fintech businesses from scratch.

We deliver truly

With our licensing services, Core Banking software, a network of BaaS providers and the end-to-end care we can support fintech companies throughout the lifecycle of their business.

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and other 35 fintech companies from the UK & EU

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