Do you have clients or partners that are looking for the provider of a Core Banking system? Let`s connect and collaborate! Join our agent network and make money whenever you take on a new client!

Whether your clients have a license of financial services or they are just in the process of obtaining one, there are SaaS, BaaS or in-premise solutions available to help them get started or grow. If your clients don’t have any license, then we can help them start operations under our financial services license.

Technology partners

We aim to provide the most advanced and reliable solutions to our clients. If you have a great product that can be linked to our Digital Core Banking platform – leave us a message.

Advisory partners

If you provide advisory services to businesses that are planning to set up their fintech business, we would be happy to help you and provide the technical solution and documentation.

Become a partner!

Register and watch our on-demand webinars about MSB and PI/EMI licensing, BaaS and more"     Read more   →

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