Advapay OÜ

Advapay OÜ is a business integrator providing turnkey payment business solutions based on European API/EMI – comprehensive solutions and consulting services.

The company assists in selection of optimal infrastructure, jurisdiction, license type, business model, as well as in establishing relations with banks, external payment systems and providers of payment services, including card issuers, money transfer systems, etc.


Acquisition of a license

  • Choice of jurisdiction
  • Business model development
  • Assistance in company registration and obtaining the licenses
  • Development of internal regulations, including the AML compliance manual etc.
  • Business plan development
  • Assistance in staff recruitment, office administration and maintenance

License management

  • License extension
  • Change of the owner
  • Implementation of a comprehensive automation system (including back office, internet and mobile client management versions, AML monitoring etc.)
  • Building a hosting solution, deployment of servers (including PCI DSS-compliant)
  • Development of company website, including its design
  • Development of gates with external systems
Support for business

Establishment of relations with partners within the framework of our program

  • Banks
  • Payment card issuers
  • Internet and mobile acquiring
  • Money transfer systems
  • Payment processing and clearing systems
  • Offshore company registration agents

Business process optimization

  • Accounting services
  • Technical support
  • Consultancy support
  • Company growth strategy development
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03 January 2019

BBVA reaches global digital tipping point

Spanish banking giant BBVA claims to have reached a global digital tipping point, with more than 50% of customers now
15 December 2018

TransferGo completes .5 million funding round

Remittance outfit TransferGo has closed a Series B funding round of .5 million, led by Vostok Emerging Finance and Hard
09 December 2018

SWIFT Is Trialing a New Payment System to Take on Fintechs

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has announced its decision to launch a pilot Global Payment Initiative (GPI)
05 December 2018

Mastercard and Microsoft forge digital identity partnership

Mastercard and Microsoft are joining forces to tackle the messy business of digital identity verification, vowing to kill off passwords
30 November 2018

ECB launches real-time payments system

The European Central Bank has unveiled its response to the rise of digital wallets with the launch of Target Instant
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