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Development of mobile and Internet payments contributes to the emergence of new and interesting ideas and solutions in this field. There are new players offering customers alternative payment instruments, such as mobile acquiring, QR and NFC-payments, etc. However, the banking system is still a key link in the payment system. A good strategy for a modern bank can be the creation of affiliated high-tech payment services, including on the basis of licensed European payment companies operating in accordance with PSD and PSD2, as well as the support and development of start-ups in the field of online payments.

Security in conjunction with the use of innovative solutions is the key to success in the development of the market of payment technologies, not only in Europe, but also in the territory of Russia. Legal aspects, development, implementation and practice of the use of innovative technologies and alternative payment systems will be discussed and demonstrated at the international site of the upcoming conference.

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The Conference will be held June 9, 2016 in Moscow, in the conference room Digital October

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Analysis of market trends

Reports by leading experts in banking and payment services

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In association with recognised industry leaders

Максим Иванченко

Maxim B. Ivanchenko

CEO Canopus Innovative Technologies

For more than 20 years CANOPUS Innovative Technologies has been a supplier of turnkey solutions to banks, payment service providers and electronic money institutions. We have successfully implemented a large number of projects and gained invaluable experience.

During the last six years from the moment when the new European payment regulations (64 PSD EC/110 E-Money Directive) came into force, we have been working closely with authorised European payment institutions and electronic money issuers.

Together with our partners we can offer our clients a complete package of services required to set up a payment business from scratch.

The idea behind the event is to share our long experience with existing and prospective customers, bring leading industry experts in to speak and provide an opportunity for networking with peers in an informal setting.

We aim to provide a forum for discussions and the exchange of ideas between bankers, representatives of international payment schemes, investment companies, foreign exchange brokers, on the one hand, and professionals in the payment services domain including:
solicitors and legal advisers offering services related to registration and authorisation of payment institutions;
business consultants;
AML / CTF compliance specialists;
payment card providers;
internet acquiring service providers;
IT solution suppliers;
operators willing to share their experience of running a payment services business with others

The formal part of the conference will feature speeches of leading experts in the payment services industry followed by a session allowing attendees to exchange views on issues raised by the speakers, ask them questions, get more information about the services and interact with colleagues in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We hope that the conference will help many of you to find solutions which will enable a rapid growth of your business, its diversification and scaling; that it will give you innovative ideas, new partnership opportunities and support of people with expert knowledge of the industry


June 9, 2016 Moscow
The registration starts at 10 a.m. The event time is 11 a.m.


June 2016

Authorisation procedures in different jurisdictions, agencies regulating the business of payment service providers and electronic money institutions, requirements, restrictions, case studies


June 2016

Secure hosting set-up for payment institutions and e-money issuers in compliance with PCI DSS. Payment card management (issuance, transaction processing, acquiring)


June 2016

Crypto currencies as a new trend in payment services. Regulatory specifics in different jurisdictions. How to deal in the instrument without breaching the laws

Organizational and legal aspects of the issue and circulation of quasi-money instruments
Artem Genkin, PhD in economics, professor, СЕО of «Consulting and Analytical Union»

Blockchain Technologies and Opportunities for Financial and Commodities Markets
Alexi Lane, Founder and Investor at MidasRezerv.com

Blockchain Technology - Changing the Financial Ecosystem
Alfred Shaffir, CEO Polycoin

Current regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia and the most favorable foreign jurisdictions
Ksenia Osipova, Senior Counsel, Tolkachev and partners

Bitcoin bank as an example of CoinFox project
Nikolay Kolesnikov, CTO, CoinFox

Cryptoplatform Emer - Swiss knife for blockchain solutions
Stanislav Polozov, Head of Implementation Department, Emebrlabs

Helium TETRA - acquiring new horizons
Evgeny Saveliev, Key Account manager, Ingenico

Use of non-cash payments for consumer
Sergey Antonyan, Head of Financial Technology Research, NAFI

Payment services and banks - partners or competitors
Denis Burlakov, Member Board of Directors, RBK Money

E-commerce. Successful business practices. New trends
Igor Arefyev, Head of E-commerce department, Vice-president, Alfa-bank

Credits repayment, accounts top-up through remote banking channels (website, internet-banking, application, IVR)
Kirill Radchenko, CEO, Best2Pay

Concept optimization of National Payment System legislation
Roman Prokhorov, Chairman of the Board Association of Financial Innovations

Mobile acquiring/commerce.
What novelties are the big players ready to introduce? NFC, PayPass and other new technologies

Vladimir Kanin, CEO Pay-Me

Data Science Applications to optimize online sales and security
Vladimir Anisimov, Director of Software Research and Development, ASSIST

Mobile commerce (direct carrier billing) - prospects, risks and opportunities
George Mikhailets, Win Pay

PAY ATTENTION: the session is passed on practical case studies submitted by representatives of card and bank products (VISA, MC, UnionPay, etc.)

International history construction for Russian Fintech companies
Anna Ivanova, International Development Director, PayOnline

Host card emulation (HCE) Сontactless electronic payment
Martin Hawes, Thales E-Security

Smart TV and mobile devices shopping: growth points and features of payments
Andrey Smirnov, Commercial Director, Webmoney

Payment industry today and tomorrow: trends and innovations
Svyatoslav Graal, Head of the region Eastern Europe and Middle East, goSwiff

Electronic Payments. Practice and technologies. A view into the future
Alexandr Magomedov, Commercial Director, Yandex.Money

Mobile wallet as mass product
Alexey Klevtsov, Business Development Manager, CardsMobile

New online fraud fighting system: dynamic verification code
Elena Vuevskaya, Gemalto Сhief sales officer in banking, Russia and CIS

Gamification in financial services
Dmitry Prostov, CEO, Mobi-Soft

How to make a profit at the financial revolution
Alex Fork, Founder, Future Fintech

Effecting payments by means of MultiSIM Card Technology
Andrey Badyin, Development Director, Tottoli GSM

Payments "puzzle": A new look at the construction of the payment of the product from Sberbank
Ekaterina Ponomarenko, Sberbank

Speakers and Moderators

Would you like to make a speech at the event? You are welcome to suggest a talking point and we shall get in touch with you!
Phone: +7 916 471 86 20       E-mail: events@advapay.eu

  • Alfred Shaffir

    Alfred Shaffir

    President and CEO, Polycoin
  • Alexi Lane

    Alexi Lane

    Founder and Investor at Amilabs.co
  • Artem Genkin

    Artem Genkin

    PhD in economics, professor, СЕО of «Consulting and Analytical Union»
  • gor Arefyev

    Igor Arefyev

    Head of E-commerce department, Vice-president, Alfa-bank
  • Roman Prokhorov

    Roman Prokhorov

    Chairman of the Board Association of Financial Innovations
  • Vladimir Kanin

    Vladimir Kanin

    CEO Pay-Me
  • Alexandr Magomedov

    Alexandr Magomedov

    Head of business development division, Yandex.Money
  • Philipp Shubin

    Philipp Shubin

    COO, CardsMobile
  • Kirill Radchenko

    Kirill Radchenko

    CEO Best2Pay
  • Артем Толкачев

    Artem Tolkachev

    Managing Partner Tolkachev and partners
  • Dmitry Prostov

    Dmitry Prostov

    CEO Mobi-Soft
  • Vladimir Anisimov

    Vladimir Anisimov

    Director of Software Research and Development , Assist
  • Denis Burlakov

    Denis Burlakov

    Member Board of Directors, RBK Money
  • Andrey Badyin

    Andrey Badyin

    Development Director of Tottoli GSM
  • Alex Fork

    Alex Fork

    Founder Future Fintech
  • Martin Hawes

    Martin Hawes

    Managing engineer in EMEA Thales E-Security
  • Ekaterina Ponomarenko

    Ekaterina Ponomarenko

  • Anna Ivanova

    Anna Ivanova

    International Development Director PayOnline
  • Stanislav Polozov

    Stanislav Polozov

    Head of Implementation Department Emebrlabs
  • Evgeny Saveliev

    Evgeny Saveliev

    Key Account manager, Ingenico
  • Svyatoslav Garalov

    Svyatoslav Garalov

  • George Mikhailets

    George Mikhailets

    Win Pay partner
  • Nikolay Kolesnikov

    Nikolay Kolesnikov

    CTO, Coinfox
  • Sergey Antonyan

    Sergey Antonyan

    Head of Financial Technology Research, NAFI
  • Ksenia Osipova

    Ksenia Osipova

    Senior Counsel, Tolkachev and partners


Are you interested in becoming a partner? We would be happy to discuss partnership opportunities with you!
Phone: +7 916 471 86 20       E-mail: events@advapay.eu


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