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The evolution of banking and payment services based on international regulations on e-money issuers, payment institutions and payment operators.

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Leading experts in international payment services

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The webinar will be held both in Russian and English simultaneously.

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Everyone will be able to ask questions after the experts’ speeches

This webinar will be interesting for:

representatives of international payment systems;
representatives of investment companies;
currency brokers;
experts in payment business organization and supplying of payment services (such as lawyers, business consultants);

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Genkin A.S.

Genkin A.S.

PhD in economics, prof., CEO, Konsaltingovo – Analiticheskiy soyuz.

“Bitcoin: The Implementation of New Financial Technologies into the Contemporary Legal Field”

The legal system evolution lags behind financial innovations.
World regulatory field is scrappy; there are many regulation modes and systems.
Groundlessly restrictive approach is not constructive.
Methods and mechanisms to involve mass innovation activeness of the financial field into a legitimate and law course.
The best world practices give an opportunity to get a positive fiscal and economic effect of the bitcoin activity and other financial innovations.


Krzysztof Korus

Founder and CEO at Prudentiz

Third party providers – will PSD II bring a new horizon?

Dr. Krzysztof Korus has a degree in law and business management and is an expert on legal compliance of new economy services with focus on the payment industry and e-commerce. For many years Krzysztof has been advising leading financial and trade institutions, industry bodies and policymakers in securing sound and prudent operation of providers and markets in the EU and elsewhere.

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