During our webinar, we will talk about licensed European Payment institution and E-money institution, as well as the Internet acquiring.

We will consider legislative regulation, an order of receipt of licenses, features of interaction with banks, etc.

Why we namely talk about Europe? There are several reasons. The first reason is legislative. As far back as 2009, the Directive governing activities of payment operators PSD, 2007/64/EC, came into force in Europe. For the past 10 years, regulatory authorities have gained the sufficient experience in the work with such companies, while banks and international payment systems have understood specific features of activities of such clients.

The company, which has such license, can render the following services to clients:

  • Open and maintain e-currency accounts/ payment accounts of its clients, which are legal entities and individuals (including with IBAN assignment);
  • Issue financial instruments, including prepaid and debit bank cards;
  • Perform money transfers without the necessity to open the account (remittance);
  • Receive payments in favor of its clients by various means, including payments from bank cards, transfers, SWIFT/SEPA payments, etc.

In other words, the company can actually render bank services (except for crediting and investment activities) without the necessity to register as a bank.

During the webinar all participants will have an opportunity to pose their questions to the speakers. The webinar is conducted in Russian and English languages.


Anna Ivanova

Anna Ivanova

International Development Director – PayOnline System LLC

Andrey Borisenkov

Andrey Borisenkov

Development Director at Advapay OÜ

Internet acquiring in the EU - feel the difference
Creation of payment business based on licensed company
  • The peculiarities of the internet-acquiring price formation in Europe
    • Buyrate vs Interchange
    • What other charges and fees are applicable in Europe?
    • The types of the quick money receipt to your account
  • Working with banks, specificity of the connection process
    • What is KYC?
    • Verification of the clients in Czech Republic
  • Local payment methods as an alternative to the bank cards
    • Alternative payment instruments in the EU: what is it and how popular is it?
  • Where do Russians feel good?
    • The suitable jurisdictions for quick start
  • Banks and fintech technologies
  • Banks and PSP
  • Payment institutions and E-money institutions
  • Licenses, regulatory environment

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March, 15 2016