APIs, gateways, integrations

APIs, gateways, integrations

Use ready-to-deploy integrations and APIs or connect to new partners on demand


Ready-to-use gateways

We offer built-in gateways with banks and providers of different services, e.g., currency exchange, KYC, AML, card issuing, card acquiring, SMS providers and other businesses. Our clients have access to a ready-to-market solution that doesn’t require additional integrations. Depending on customer requirements, we can make additional integrations along the way.


Personal wallets for your customers — API for merchants

We provide an API to connect systems and help merchants to expand the list of payment options on their website. It allows PSP clients to pay for goods and services directly from the personal account. To make it possible, merchants first need to open a PSP account to receive and process payments.



Provides unified standard for the service interaction and increased control over resources distributed for service delivery. Transparency and reliability are ensured through parallel processing and high security of a single point of interaction.


Open API ready to connect

Designed to meet the PSD2 requirements, Advapay Open API offers a secure and reliable way to access open customer data and interact with Third-Party Providers (TTP). Our solution includes both the Open API functionality and Strong Customer Authentication to establish a whole new type of relationships between end-users, banks and third parties.


Seamless integration with tools in use

Use our Advapay API and integrate all your applications, data, infrastructure and management tools, e.g., CRM, onboarding, card processing (wallets).

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