Rules, Roles & Permissions

Roles & Permissions

Access and rules management tools to improve security for customer and operation management

Based on the user-defined rules and different parameters, administrators can manage employees and projects, grant access and analyse data.

Grant access to team members in back-office

Assign administrative or admin access to manage back-office by more than one person.

Control all administrators via the admin panel.

Give rights to admins to create projects, assign operators/managers and give different privileges and permissions. Also, you can set up limited or all-inclusive access to the account for team members depending on their role.

Our Core Banking is a parameter-driven solution that allows you to create new products, new customer groups and other parameter-based configurations.

You can set up different rules to your customers

Set customer groups and create different rules for each group.

Create rules to each customer or customer group, e.g., set up payment limits, individual fees.

Open/close different functionalities, e.g., permit SEPA payments to specific customer groups

Change, set up or delete rules instantly.

Create different types of access for your customers, e.g., multi-account access to allow one customer to view different accounts, multi-user access to allow several users to log in to one account.

Your customers will benefit from the role and permission management functionality in their web banking and mobile banking

Your customers will be able to create different access roles for the account or when making payments

They will allow to manage roles and assign privileges to other people.

Customers can assign roles for specific operations, e.g., role to prepare or make payments

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