At Advapay, we’re committed to a better, more efficient financial industry and today we’re here to give you our top fintech event list for 2022 in Europe. Be sure to jot them down in your diary, so you don’t miss them!

1 – Money 2020

Bringing together influential figures from the financial world, Money 2020 is one of the foremost fintech events around. This year it runs from 7th to 9th of June 2022 and it’s known as a location for getting things done!

Among those present, you’ll find a diverse range of professionals from startup owners to tech giant execs and by getting everyone together, meaningful discussion can be had. 2021 was attended by more than 4,000 people from almost 2,000 different companies, so 2022 is set to be a cracker!

2 – Fintech World Forum

Being held in London on the 23rd and 24th of May, the Fintech World Forum is one of the leading Fintech events 2022 has to offer. Covering a range of topics relating to global financing and payments, there are speakers from some of the largest companies out there, like Western Union, SWIFT, Solarisbank, Tide and Google.

Those attending the fintech event will get to hear about:

★ Financial market opportunities
★ Innovation & open banking
★ A future with APIs & embedded banking
★ The transformation of financial markets
★ Embedded finance & the future of banking
★ Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence
★ Digital currencies & the DLT landscape
★ Fintech partnerships & innovation models
★ Climate

3 – Fintech Inn 2022

Fintech Inn is one of the most popular fintech events and this conference is typically held in October each year. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, it’s a great conference ideal for start-ups, associations, investors, technology leaders and more besides.

Fintech Inn regularly attracts major speakers, which was evidenced in 2021 when representatives from Contis, Revolut, Paysera and Railsbank all gave captivating talks to those in attendance.

4 – The Next Web (TNW)

This Amsterdam-based fintech event is being held again on the 16th and 17th of June 2022 and those lucky enough to be there will be rubbing shoulders with the great and the good. Including international tech execs, policymakers, startups, authors, scale-ups and venture capitalists, it’s a great place to make contacts.

TNW – is an event with lots of interesting speakers too, with Ripple and Mambu representing just two of those who’ve attended in the past.

5 – The Paris Fintech Forum

The next fintech event we look at is the Paris Fintech Forum, which unsurprisingly is based in Paris. 2021 saw more than 300 speakers, ‘deep exchanges’ and innovative match-making speed meetings. Featuring a wealth of digital content and interesting topics, 2022 looks set to be just as well attended.

6 – Ecom 21

Organised by Decta, a global payment processing company, Ecom 21 featured 2,850 participants, 52 countries and 197 speakers and this year’s incarnation is being held in Riga, Latvia over the 7th and 8th of April 2022. The event provides a fantastic forum for businesses in CIS countries, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Baltic countries and Asia.

This is one of the most prominent fintech events in the region and it offers a great opportunity for discussion with top-level business representatives, in addition to key eCommerce players. A true opportunity for international networking!

7 – The Fintech Talents Festival

The Fintech Talents Festival represents a fantastic place to explore the future of the fintech industry. It’s certainly a sector that’s rapidly expanding beyond established players and if last year’s conference in London was anything to go by, it’s going to be a vibrant and eye-opening affair.

2021 saw over 6,000 live and virtual attendees, more than 1,000 financial institutions represented and speakers from Barclays, Clearbank, Revolut and the World Economic Forum. There are some of past event topics: opportinities of embedded finance, the future of BaaS, how crypto innovators are making crypto currencies more accessible for consumers and others.

8 – Fintech Connect

Now in its 9th year, Fintech Connect is returning again virtually in December 2022, with the two-day fintech event likely to be hugely popular once again. Former speakers include Revolut and Tide, with this year’s attendance likely to be high again. 2021 saw more than 4,000 in attendance and 80 speakers from 50 countries.

Whether your organisation is a tier-one financial institution, challenger bank, central bank or innovative merchant, you’ll get much from attending Fintech Connect 2022.

9 – Sibos

Sibos is another of the awesome fintech events 2022 is bringing us and this is an online conference that offers a ‘deep’ and ‘immersive’ experience. 2021 saw more than 19,000 in attendance, who got to enjoy 250+ industry leaders speaking about the major challenges faced by the financial industry.

Last year’s theme focused on the use of digital acceleration, managing risk, sustainability, increased diversity and transformative technology to ‘recharge global finance’.

10 – Copenhagen Fintech week

The date of this fintech event is yet to be decided, however, what is certain is that in 2022, as last year, Copenhagen Fintech Week will be organised by the Nordic Fintech Alliance – a joint initiative between Nordic accelerators and fintech hubs.

The event has hundreds of speakers and dozens of intriguing topics, like financial inclusion to reduce poverty & create growth, the reduction of plastic waste through the use of smart tools and empowering people by making financial services available for everyone.

11 – Finovate Europe

Running on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2022 at the Intercontinental Hotel at the O2 Arena in London, is Finovate Europe, which is a cutting-edge fintech event that focuses on the latest innovations in the industry. You’ll learn from experts who’ll allow you to plan for a brighter future while you connect with other attendees.

Visit the event and you’ll hear a number of great talks from interesting speakers, with the likes of Ripple, Klarna and Monza among those speaking last year.

Here’s to a Great 2022 For the Fintech Industry!

So, there you have it, our top 11 fintech events for you to enjoy this year and as you can see, there are some you won’t want to miss. That’s it from us this time and all that remains to be said is to wish everyone in the industry a profitable and successful 2022!

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