Current accounts


Get access to the primary functionality of your Digital bank


Create dedicated IBANs for current accounts of your customers

Create different account profiles – single currency or multi-currency

Generate two types of accounts – for individuals or businesses

Open more than one account for each customer and generate multiple IBANs


Manage your customers, accounts and permissions

Open, close, block accounts

Give account permission to one or multiple users

Open several accounts for one customer, e.g., individual and business

Manage user access rights


Let your your customers manage their accounts in white-label web banking and mobile applications

Offer ready-made and branded web and mobile banking applications to your customers

Modify fields, customise the information in web or mobile banking and instantly integrate changes.

Discover other functionalities

Customer onboarding


Currencies and rates

Payments and transfers

Tariffs and fees

Payment cards

OTP/MAC generator

Mobile&web banking apps

Financial Accounting

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