Mobile OTP/Mac Generator


Seamless two-factor authentication
to comply with SCA under PSD2

Two use cases of OTP / MAC Generator


Generation of one-time passwords and codes for users to log in to Web Banking. The application runs offline to avoid any data interception and spoofing.


Generation of one-time passwords and codes for users to sign payments. A MAC-code is generated versus transaction details. The application displays the MAC value and all the details of the signed transaction.

User scenarios or how to use OTP / MAC Generator


A customer receives two QR-codes with personal keys for the mobile token. Then, the customer scans the codes with the mobile token to import them into the mobile application.


The user enters the username and password to log in to Web Banking. The next step requires to enter a one-time password generated on the mobile token. The customer opens the mobile token and enters the OTP password in Web banking.


When signing a payment on the Internet bank, the system generates a QR code based on the specific payment transaction. The client scans the QR-code with the mobile token and receives a password (MAC) to enter on the Internet bank.


Improved security and compliance with PSD2 directive

The application runs offline and precludes any data interception and spoofing. When the user makes a payment, MAC-code is generated based on transaction details to eliminate transaction spoofing at the middleware level.

OTP/MAC Generator provides an additional authentication layer for payments and is fully compliant with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the PSD2 directive.


Stand-alone – not dependent on networks and hardware

The password generation module does not require a connection to the network. When used, it does not depend on a mobile operator or requires a SIM card. You don’t need cellular coverage or access to the Wi-Fi-network. All types of smartphones support the application.


Fully white-label and ready for integrations with other systems

OTP/MAC Generator is a white-label solution that is a ready-made and fully tailored to make branding very easy. It can be also easily integrated with other systems or applications.

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