In this online webinar “Launch your Fintech business in Spain”, Advapay together with FinnovatingAndersen and Linares Abogados discussed the different perspectives and the current state of the fintech market in Spain and what you need to start and continuously develop your fintech business there.

The Spanish fintech industry is booming and the number of fintech companies and investments are increasing. The attractive labour market, sensible business costs, responsive regulation, different fintech-related initiatives and events make it one of the most attractive jurisdictions for new fintech businesses in Europe.

What we’ve discussed in our online webinar: 

  1. Spanish fintech landscape 
  2. How to obtain a payment or e-money institution license in Spain 
  3. Crypto market in Spain  


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Programme of the webinar  

Opening remarks  

Presentation 1: Spanish Fintech Landscape, Finnovating  

  • Why Spain as your place for your fintech
  • Market, Investors, Regulatory, Sandbox, Talent and quality of life.
  • First steps for your soft landing.

Speaker: Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO at Finnovating

Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO at Finnovating

Presentation 2: Sandbox by the BoS: pros and cons, Andersen    

  • Explanation of the main characteristics and particularities of how the Sandbox works in Spain. In addition, an overview of the access requirements, the deadline for the calls, the projects accepted, and the criteria being followed by the regulators to date will be provided.
  • Discussing the pros and cons of submitting a project to the Spanish Regulatory Sandbox.

Speaker: Miguel Prado Gangoiti, Partner Financial Regulation & Fintech (Andersen)

Miguel Prado Gangoiti – Partner Financial Regulation & Fintech (Andersen)

Presentation 3: Special registration of a payment institution in Spain (small payment institution licence), Advapay  

  • Stp-by-step authorised institution licence obtaining process;
  • Costs and timing.

Speaker: Ivan Aleksandrov, Chief Strategy Officer at Advapay

Ivan Aleksandrov, Chief Strategy Officer at Advapay, speaker at online webinar - Launch your business in Spain

Presentation 4: Application process step by step: roadmap, timeline and documents, Andersen    

  • Main steps to follow in order to obtain an authorisation as a payment or electronic money institution from the Bank of Spain.
  • Explanation of the different stages of an authorisation procedure from the early stages to the start of the institution’s activities.
  • Explanation of the different documents that integrates the authorisation procedure, making reference to those more critical for Bank of Spain.

Speaker: Miguel Prado Gangoiti, Partner Financial Regulation & Fintech (Andersen)

Speaker: Miguel Prado Gangoiti, Partner Financial Regulation & Fintech (Andersen)

Presentation 5: What to take into account when you’re working on your application, Linares Abogados  

  • 5-7 main things to take care of when you’re working on your application  
  • Common mistakes  
  • Some case studies  

Speaker: Miguel Linares, founding partner of Linares Abogados

Miguel Linares_Founding partner of Linares Abogados_online webinar_Start your fintech business in Spain

Presentation 6: Crypto licensing in Spain: requirements, authorisation, legal construction for crypto, Linares Abogados  

Anticipating to MiCA is more than advisable and being registered presumes being in the right side. We will explain how one of our clients was the first crypto company registered and how to keep a process before the Bank of Spain simple.

Speaker: Diana López Ricardo, associate of Linares Abogados

Diana López Ricardo_Associate of Linares Abogados_online webinar_Start your fintech business in Spain

Panel discussion: May Spain be considered as a well-suited jurisdiction for fintechs? Advapay & other speakers   

  • Why do you consider Spain to be a good jurisdiction for international fintech startups?  
  • Other questions   

Closing remarks 


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