Are you planning to set up a new fintech company in Europe or the UK? Looking for options to secure your operations due to Brexit? Register and watch our on-demand webinar “Regulation of payment companies in Europe: Case studies from the EU, UK, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein”.



The United Kingdom. British PSP in the post-Brexit era – an inside look on how we are handling it

Great Britain and the European Union have completed the transition period after Brexit. The official period is over, but many questions remain unanswered.

  • How Brexit affected the UK Financial Sector and what Brexit means in practice: British payment company Payally shares its experience.
  • Operate in the UK market or develop business in Europe – which way to look?
  • Regulation and legislation: what changes have taken place for UK-based companies and what should we expect in the near future?
  • Setting up a payment business in the UK: what to consider when applying for a license?

Speakers: Ilja Balkus and Natalija Platonova, Payally; Dmitry Kozelkin, Payver

Advapay`s webinar "Regulation of payment companies in Europe" speakers - Natalja Platonova (Payally), Ilja Balkus (Payally), Dmitry Kozelkin (Payver)

Licensing of payment companies in the EU – an overview of jurisdictions and criteria for selecting a regulator

  • Fundamentals of market regulations and developments for payment businesses in the European Union.
  • Well-liked jurisdictions and fast-growing fintech markets in the EU.
  • Diversity of EU jurisdictions: what to consider when choosing a regulator.

Speaker: Andrey Borisenkov, Advapay

Advapay Webinar, speaker Andrey Borisenkov

Taking a peak at Europe when residing outside the EU. An overview of European jurisdictions outside the European Union – Switzerland and Liechtenstein

  • Main regulatory differences in Switzerland and Liechtenstein compared to the EU countries.
  • Fintech license in Switzerland: business prospects, regulatory requirements and the necessary time frames to obtain a license.
  • Regulation and licensing of e-money and payment institutions in Liechtenstein.
  • Licensing of crypto companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Speaker: Yanina Petrovskaya, RLP Consulting

Advapay Webinar, speaker Yanina Patrovskaya

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