Advapay, a provider of Digital Core Banking platform and consulting services for fintechs, is pleased to announce a strategic technological partnership with Veriff. From now on, a new integration with Veriff will be available to different fintech companies that launch their digital banks in cooperation with Advapay.

Veriff’s solution will complement Advapay’s Core Banking with automated remote identification, document check, KYC and AML functions. This means that Advapay’s fintech clients and their compliance teams will be able to provide remote customer verification during the onboarding process at a higher speed and with a greater efficiency.

Veriff’s solution will be a great addition to our offering and will help our clients extend functionality and improve the onboarding process. It provides automatic remote customer identity verification, ID document check and verification, thereby eliminating complicated manual work on the client’s side,” says Gustav Korobov, Sales Executive at Advapay.

We are happy to partner with Advapay and support their platform by integrating our visionary verification service. Veriff’s solution will help Advapay and its customers to meet regulatory compliance requirements, deliver frictionless user experience, and speed up the identity verification process,” says Janer Gorohhov, cofounder and COO at Veriff.

Veriff is an AI driven global tech company building a visionary verification platform. It protects businesses and their customers from online identity fraud by making sure that a person is who they claim to be. With the help of artificial intelligence, Veriff analyses thousands of technological and behavioural variables in seconds, verifying people from 190+ countries and in 35 languages. More about the company.

Advapay is a technology company providing the Digital Core Banking platform to empower fintech clients or digital banks to start their businesses and accelerate digital transformation. The platform delivers all essential functionalities, a front-to-back system and a set of tools to customise and bring new integrations. With Advapay, potential and existing customers can connect either to the cloud-based SaaS or on-premise software. Besides the technical infrastructure, the company provides business advisory and fintech licensing services. Interested to learn more, please drop us a message.

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