Core Banking Software license and SaaS

Core Banking Software license and SaaS

Choose the model that best suits your business


When choosing the plug-and-play model, you will get a ready-made technical solution that provides all the necessary integrations available via a web browser.

With Core Banking SaaS, it is possible to start operations shortly (e.g., in two months) with a full range of services. This solution especially fits companies that are looking to get their Fintech fast-to-market with minimal investment at the start. When the number of transactions and customers increase, there is an option to transit from the SaaS model to our Software License.




No vast investments at the start

Monthly fee payment – easy to plan your budget

Use ready integrations



No additional integrations available

High-priced model for large companies

Software license

Another option of how to start a business is to purchase a fintech software license. This solution is deployed within your infrastructure and may be customized according to your specific operational and business needs. This model is ideally suited to companies that have specific requirements for their technical solution in mind.



Tailored solution to meet specific business needs

Any additional integration on request

Best suited for large companies and companies with a long-term business plan



Requires enormous investments on the first stage

In case additional integrations are required – time-to-market increases

Learn more about our technology

APIs, gateways, Integrations

Business process workflow


Analytics and reports

Solution infrastructure


Rules, Roles & Permissions

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