We help clients to start and run their fintech companies. We provide end-to-end services for Fintechs – a ready-to-use Digital Core Banking platform, business consulting and assistance in E-money and Payment Institutions licencing.

Fintech consulting including licensing stage
  • Development of a business model and product line
  • Assistance in opening of a safeguarding account
  • Development of internal policies, risk operation policies
  • Development of a business plan and IT solution scheme
  • Implementation of a comprehensive automation system (back office, internet and mobile account management versions, AML monitoring etc.)
  • Building a hosting solution, deployment of servers (including PCI DSS-compliant)
  • Design and development of a company website
  • Development of gates with external systems
Support for business
Establishing relationships with partners as part of our program
  • Banks
  • Payment card issuers
  • Internet and mobile acquiring
  • Money transfer systems
  • Payment processing and clearing systems
Advapay and Sumsub to deliver an automatic KYC/AML solution to financial service clients
14 October 2020

Advapay and Sumsub to deliver an automatic KYC/AML solution to financial service clients

13/10/20 – LONDON, UK - Advapay, a digital core banking platform for fintechs, and Sumsub, an identity verification platform that covers KYC/KYB/AML needs, have partnered to deliver
07 October 2020

Your Checklist to pick a Digital Core Banking provider

There are many different Digital Core Banking providers in the market. They differ from one to another. Some of them offer only front-end applications, for example, web
02 October 2020

SaaS vs On-premise for Digital Banking: 5 Points to Consider

Today companies have rapidly shifted to cloud technologies. With the disruptive technologies and innovations, unprecedented changes have been taking place in all industries, including Financial Services and
11 September 2020

Meet Advapay`s Digital Core Banking platform Macrobank

When comparing different Digital Core Banking solutions – may seem that they are equal. But in fact – no. Some of them offer only a back-end system