In this webinar, Advapay is joined by Decta and iSpiral to discuss how integrative and customisable ready-to-market banking, payment and AML/KYC solutions can help Fintech startups to launch rapidly and quickly evolve from a start-up to a scale-up.

Any Fintech company wanting to quickly and successfully launch or move from start-up to scale-up needs to have an IT system that supports company growth, as well as a capability to build and continuously upgrade banking and payment products that meet evolving customer needs.

During this webinar, we’ll talk about how integrative and customisable solutions can support each stage of a company’s growth and its business strategy while scaling both nationally and internationally.


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Programme of the webinar

Opening Remarks

Valdis Melderis, the webinar host

Valdis Melderis, the webinar host

Presentation 1: Choosing payment & banking software to meet your long-term business and product development goals

Ivan Aleksandrov, Chief Strategy Officer, Advapay

During this presentation, Advapay will cover the following topics:

1) The general principles of choosing software for your fintech project
2) Post-implementation software enhancements & development – establishing an integration plan & roadmap
3) Main integration partners & key steps to integration success
4) Integrated services on our integration hub – how the technical solution looks

Ivan Aleksandrov, Advapay, a speaker at the webinar "Integrative solutions for fintechs"

Presentation 2: DECTA White Label Payment Gateway – the fastest way for a startup to launch a payment acquiring business goals

Nikita Melnikovs, Head of Sales, Board Member

About the presentation: What the payments industry is to the economy, payment gateways are to the payments industry. Allowing businesses to accept payments online, they are a tool that fulfills the core objective of virtually any commercial project: to get paid. However, due to resource-heavy development and maintenance, most businesses are unable to develop their own custom payment solution from scratch. Market-ready white label gateway allows you to customise a ready-made solution until it matches your unique set of requirements. It can then be launched under your own brand in a matter of days, compared to years of iterative development, testing and calibration in the case of building a new service yourself.

Nikita Melnikovs, Decta, a speaker at the webinar "Integrative solutions for fintechs"

Presentation 3: How to meet your AML Regulatory Obligations without deviating from your Business Goals

Christos Ttiniozou, Managing Director

Christos Ttiniozou, iSpiral, , a speaker at the webinar "Integrative solutions for fintechs"

Closing remarks and Q&A

Valdis Melderis, the webinar host

About Advapay:

Advapay is a technology company providing the Digital Core Banking platform to empower fintech clients or digital banks to start their businesses and accelerate digital transformation. The platform delivers all essential functionalities, a front-to-back system and a set of tools to customise and bring new integrations. With Advapay, potential and existing customers can connect either to the cloud-based SaaS or on-premise software. Besides the technical infrastructure, the company provides business advisory and fintech licensing services. Interested to learn more, please drop us a message

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