the latest features and software upgrades of our Core Banking

In this post, we are introducing our latest features, integrations, software updates and new apps of our Core Banking platform - Macrobank. 

1. White-label web-banking application

A genuinely customer-centric web banking application provides all essential banking functionalities – current accounts, payments, currency exchange, statements, payment templates and others.

New modern design and user-friendly interface

Smooth built-in onboarding procedure to provide immediate access to your business/personal account after the registration and continue the verification procedure at the later stage 100% manageable, customizable and branded

Can be integrated with any Core Banking back-office system


Technology stack

Angular framework

Single Page Application technology to improve UX

2. White-label mobile application

Native mobile application for IOS and Android incorporates a wide range of banking functionalities:

User-friendly modern interface supporting both light/dark themes and different languages

Account and payment operations: make payments, view payment history, create payment templates, display and download statements, etc.

Payment card management

Support for biometric technologies

Built-in communication tool with your customers, e.g., chat with the operator Push-notifications Dynamic management of the application by the operator with no need for a new app release

Technology stack:

Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android) - platform-native languages to ensure the optimized performance of applications

Instant changes in the app made online from the back office

3. Macrobank Core Banking

The new version of Macrobank`s Digital Core banking engine and back-office offers new integrations and functionalities:

Integration with automated onboarding, KYC and AML platform SumSub

Integration with automated onboarding, KYC and AML platform iSpiral

Integration with auto-complete of the recipient's bank details after when entering IBAN.

2-step onboarding: preliminary customer registration with verification at the later stage

Scheduled payments

Payment cancellation with a multi-user signature

Technology stack:

Database: SQL Server

Flexible setup of the business logic using built-in workflow editor

Integrations: C#, Go.

Microservice architecture allows Advapay’s clients to replace or readjust individual components without making an effect on the entire system.

Azure cloud hosting:

• Access to high-quality geo-distributed hosting

• Secured data storage based on Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle

• Less human resources required, e.g., IT specialists and database administrators

• Cost-effectiveness with a pay-as-you-go model

4. RESTful API

• Flexible microservice architecture facilitates setup and readjustment of separate components

• Synchronicity to support bid data load and processing

• Unified standard for the service interaction and increased control over resources distributed for service delivery

• Faster system response

• Transparency and reliability ensured through parallel processing and high security of a single point of interaction

• Built on .NET Сore (using C#)

5. Agent Console

The Agent Console allows Advapay’s clients to create an agent network and onboard their customers in Macrobank’s back office:

• Onboarding and management of customer applications

• Pre-registration of customers with minimum information

• Functionality to tag the specific customer to the agent

• Customer onboarding by agents using external KYC/AML services

• 2-step registration procedure to allow the customer to continue the onboarding process after pre-registration

• Processing of customer applications for further approval by the Operator of the PSP

• View available to check the total of customer payments, invoices, types of payments, and specific transactions and the total of the Agent's commissions by clients, accounts, types of payments, and specific transactions

• Direct communication with customers in the Agent Console

• Generation and management of reports

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About Advapay`s platform: Advapay`s Digital Core Banking platform empowers fintechs to build their digital banks and accelerate digital transformation. The platform provides all essential functionalities, a back-to-front system and a set of tools to customise and bring new integrations. With Advapay, potential and existing customers can connect either to the cloud-based SaaS or on-premise software.