Crypto-Exchange Platform based on the Switzerland entity
As efforts to legitimate the crypto currency operations of the company, we suggest registering and licensing the company in Zug canton (Switzerland), which recognizes crypto currencies as a payment facility.

Why Switzerland?

1. Allocation of crypto and fiat currencies to different companies and jurisdictions will give a free hand in dealing with correspondent banks.

2. Carrying out the client identification procedure on the side of a Swiss company in accordance with all AML / KYC procedures will provide additional benefits when opening correspondent accounts.

3. More than 20 companies working with crypto currencies are now certified in this jurisdiction.

4. Swiss law allows for remote identification of customers, which is an advantage when carrying out onboarding procedures for customers.

SRO VQF membership:

The created LLC will have the following object of the company: “Purchase and sale of crypto currency on a commercial basis and transactions therewith on trading platforms.” According to Swiss law, stock exchanges, multi-user trading platforms operating in the country require permission from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The same regulation applies to the business related to exchange of crypto currencies.

Our services include:

Assistance with incorporation of Switzerland
Obtaining of e-Resident status
Drafting of AML/KYC procedures
Acquiring of two licences supervised by FIU
Office Rental
Account opening at the partner-PSP *

* The usual registration procedure for companies dealing with crypto currencies will take 2-3 months